Our beloved Amber has been around since 1956 which means that we have a wealth of empathy for the challenges our clients have had to face over the years! As print production evolves at a rate of knots and techniques become more complex and competitive, we have learned and adapted to enable us to offer you the highest quality in everything we produce. That’s the most important thing to us about what we do – combining up to date print knowledge with a deep understanding of client needs.

So we’d like to introduce you to our super friendly management team who are all well versed in design and print and incredibly passionate about customer service and delivery.

We breath, eat and sleep print and have been working together for so long that we actually feel like we’re part of the original Amber forefathers!



Andrew is a Director of Amber. With over 30 years’ experience and knowledge in Print and Design, Andrew took over the reins of Amber from his father in 2000.

Andrew is the strategist and is “that guy” who keeps a close eye on cutting edge printing tech from web to print order management systems to the latest printing techniques. He prides himself on finding the most innovative way to help clients achieve their goals which is usually charged with tight budgets and strict time frames!

Nothing is ever too much for Andrew which is why Amber maintains solid relationships with their clients and why clients take Amber with them wherever they may go!

In his spare time Andrew is an accomplished cyclist and enjoys taking part in Charity cycling events and raising money for Project 16:15 Homeless Breakfast Deliver, a local based charity ensures no homeless person or person in need on the streets of Northampton goes without a hot breakfast, drink and other essentials every single day of the week.

Lesley Perman


Lesley is a Director of Amber and has over 30 years of experience and knowledge gained in Print and Design. She is well versed in all aspects of account management, project management and fulfillment with a bias towards the hospitality sector. She has worked at Amber for over 7 years and became a director in May 2018.

Lesley is a rare find who has a natural flair and warmth with everyone she meets. She makes clients, suppliers and even the dispatch teams feel like they are the only person she is looking after. Lesley is Amber through and through and some people actually believe she has a phone surgically attached to her person…

With an extensive network of print management connections Lesley can support companies all over the United Kingdom. Lesley is an energised, passionate and highly driven customer focused Director with a vision that enables her to implement tactics and solutions on time and to budget.

There are not enough weekends in the year for Lesley to fit all of her spare time passions in! Her family and friends are at the heart of everything she does and she’ll organise everything and anything to make sure her nearest and dearest are always having a great time in their own spare time; this will include a mixture of music, theatre, shows, travel, great food, comedy, hosting parties, Mamma Mia and of course, gin!

Peter Pryor

Senior Designer

Peter is the Senior Designer at Amber, he certainly knows his stuff! Having been part of Amber since 1982, Peter has encountered first-hand the dynamic changes within the print industry and skillfully acclimatised to each new challenge.

Peter knows his craft inside and out and has a truly amazing background from the art of gouache and airbrushing to line drawings and magic marker designs. Coupled with his passion for art and design and a desire to embrace the ever-changing world of digital design technologies, Peter remains the quintessential beating heart of Amber for the last four decades.

Peter provide both direction and development to new or existing projects and can work within existing brand guidelines or deliver design briefs from their very first stage.

In his spare time Peter simply enjoys being with his family.

Gary Perman

Logistics Coordinator

Having a lifetime working in distribution and management of stock, Gary brings his personal reassurance that warehousing and deliveries are on time, every time.  From understanding the supply chain, stock control and delivery, Gary plays a vital part in the successful completion of our work, always with a smile.

In his spare time Gary enjoys a very full social life with his wife Lesley, theatres, concerts, and travelling being the highlights of his year!



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